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Mad thoughts I bash into my computer, for no good reason. Mostly incomprehensible. Written to myself primarily.

You won't find very much shocking on this blog because of libel laws. :-o

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My Notes for DKIM on FreedomBox

See also FreedomBox Email Manual


Might want this to make dkim signing work, because usernames don't contain the domain name?


allow_username_mismatch = true

Get public key

If you have misplaced your DKIM public key you can use this command:

sudo openssl rsa -in /var/lib/rspamd/dkim/example.com.dkim.key -pubout 

Put the output in your dns TXT record, eg

dkim._domainkey.example.com => "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MII....

Posted Fri Nov 25 12:43:16 2022

Null IP addresses (A and AAAA)

If you need valid IP addresses that cannot be routed anywhere (for example for use with CloudFlare's "Rules") then you can use the following:

  • For A records: (A reserved and currently unused)
  • For AAAA records: 100::
Posted Thu Nov 17 20:28:09 2022

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