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FrIn's Site0

A bunch of stuff from my brain to my keyboard.

This page is basically "all my links", and instructions for me to remember how to do stuff.


Alison, What is Internet?

Mastodon instance (server) ASN distribution

My Bits

Forward + Reverse DNS Checker Bash Script

Micro How-Tos

Change Ikiwiki Site Name

DKIM Tips on FreedomBox

Useful Pages

DNS Servers

DKIM email sending tester

Duck Duck Go Email

Current user count on Mastodon


Unfair Cancellation Terms


National Grid Live Data

Redirectcheck.com - The best redirect checker.

Neeva - Totally ad free search engine

Humane Technology - In search of humane technology, founded by Tristan Harris

Free Software Foundation

Eben Moglen - Affiliated with FreedomBox, Free Software Law Center


@[email protected]

My Mastodon People Bookmarks

Interesting People

FrIn Social

Network Status

My FreedomBoxes Network Status

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